Southern Comfort Sedation Dentistry in Nashville, TN 

We understand visits to the dentist can sometimes make patients nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable. Let the team at Nashville Smiles put you at ease with sedation options designed to keep you relaxed during your appointment!

With values rooted in Southern hospitality, we want you to feel at home. If you suffer from dental anxiety, or just need that next-level comfort to keep you at ease, we're here for you! We offer IV sedation, conscious sedation, and laughing gas to keep you comfy and calm while we work on your perfect smile.

We offer the following selection of sedation dentistry:

N₂O Comfort

woman asleep before dental procedure thanks to sedation dentistryN₂O comfort (also known as laughing gas) is a mild, odorless medication used to effectively manage anxiety during dental procedures. The gas has a light sedative effect to help patients stay calm and alert enough to answer questions throughout the procedure. Afterward, the patient is able to drive and continue their normal day-to-day activities.

Dr. Winfree will always carefully control the amount of gas administered to ensure your optimum comfort and safety!

Questions About Our Southern Comfort Sedation?

Receiving top-quality dental care should never be scary! Because we prioritize comfort, safety, and Southern hospitality, Nashville Smiles will always make sure you're taken care of. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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